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rpaleoclim is free and open source (FOSS) software maintained in the interests of open science. Contributions of all types are welcome.

Bug reports

To report a bug or problem, please create a new issue at Please include as much information as possible and, if you can, a minimal reproducible example (“reprex”).


To suggest an new feature or improvement, please create a new issue at


All contributions are welcome, but if possible please follow these conventions:

  • For R code, follow the tidyverse style guide
  • For documentation, use roxygen2
  • If you add new functionality, write unit tests for it with testthat
  • Run devtools::check() to build the package and run tests before making a pull request

Then follow the GitHub flow and make a pull request with your contributions.

Questions and comments

For any other questions or comments on this software, please feel free to email the maintainer at .